The story behind a 3-hour rooftop standoff in Minneapolis

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A north Minneapolis family had a frightening surprise house guest Wednesday evening after a man burst through their back door, crawled out a window and climbed onto their roof for over a 3-hour standoff with police. Six people were home at the time, including three kids.

Hennepin County sheriff's officials said Richard Dean Podvin rammed a car with two police officers inside, who were looking for him on bench warrants. After the crash, Podvin ran through the back door of the home on Fremont Avenue North and 40th Avenue north and up the stairs, where he encountered Jasmine Artis and three kids.

"'Mommy, there's somebody in the house,'" Artis recounted. "I'm like, ‘I know, go in the closet,'"

Artis grabbed one child and two of them hid in the closet until police arrived.

Podvin made his way to the roof, where he remained over three hours, sometimes leaning against the chimney, sometimes walking and eventually, he came down a ladder after his girlfriend said he was allowed to see his child.

Podvin appeared in court on Thursday for violating his release conditions for weapons and drug offenses, but now, he'll face new charges likely for burglary and assault.