Thanking the first responders who saved him, four years later

Marshawn Jackson lost his feet four years ago trying to climb on a slow-moving train in St. Paul, but time has done nothing to dull the memories for the first responders who answered the call to help.

But it was what Jackson did Thursday to say "thank you" that really touched the officers and firefighters who arrived to the scene that day. 

"He was so little, and he was so brave," St. Paul Firefighter Wally Berry said. "It's amazing to hear from people who actually appreciate what we've done for them."

Now an eighth grader, he told his teacher that he wanted to organize a little party with the men who he owed his life to--some cake, some pictures, and still the awe in how he responded.

"We run through he story in our mind too," St. Paul Firefighter Larry Bartlett said. "And that’s just one of the things that amazes us--that with all that you went through, you still crawled your way out of the woods to find help."