Texas manhunt for Francisco Oropesa: Man fitting description of gunman seen in Montgomery County

As the search continues for a gunman accused of killing five people in San Jacinto County, authorities believe they may be closing in on him after receiving new reports. 

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Details are limited, but the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office announced via Twitter it would be securing the campuses of nearby schools after receiving reports of a man "possibly matching the description of Francisco Oropesa" in the area.

The man was spotted in the Crocket Martin and FM 2090 area, and while officials said there's no actual confirmation of it being the 38-year-old, out of an abundance of caution, authorities are acting swiftly. 

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Several local agencies are taking part in the search and the following campuses have been secured: aney Creek HS, Moorhead JH, Grangerland Int., Milam Elementary, Hope Elementary, and Creighton Elementary. 

As of 4:30 p.m., officials confirmed after combing the surrounding areas, but no one there was confirmed to be Oropesa. 

No additional information has been shared, as of this writing, but we will continue to make updates to this story, as more information becomes available.