Teen saves Peachtree City boy after golf cart accident

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A Peachtree City mother said she is thankful her son is alive after a horrible accident on a golf cart. She said he is alive because of the bravery and quick thinking of his 14-year-old friend.

Accidents happen on the Peachtree City golf cart paths, but it is usually because a cart runs off the road or strikes a bicyclist or jogger. This accident happened because a young man was dangling his foot off the cart and it nearly cost his life.

Last Sunday, Hunter Husak, 17, of Peachtree City, was driving a golf cart with a friend. As he drove along, he had his left foot hanging outside the cart. The cart struck something. Rescue workers said the bloody street where they responded to his call for help is evidence about how serious the injuries were, that he nearly bled to death.

"Definitely one of those cases where God put all of the right people in all of the right places. At the right time too because time is of the essence," said Donna Husak, Hunter's mother.

But thankfully, he did not bleed to death all because of the quick thinking of Hunter’s 14-year-old friend, Cade Smith. Cade wrapped his shirt around Hunter’s injured leg and drove him to safety. Police and rescue crews were able to quickly meet up with him amid the labyrinth of nearly 100 miles of golf cart paths in the city.

At Grady Hospital, doctors had to sew and pin Hunter’s severed toes back on to his foot and his ripped flesh. Friday, Hunter was going back into surgery as a grateful mother waited.

"The first responders were there within two minutes and 31 seconds. So, it was... it was phenomenal. It definitely was and saved my son's life,"

Hunter's mom is also grateful to the love and support they have gotten from the community here in Peachtree City.