Taxi cab carjacked, crashes into fence in downtown Minneapolis

In what some like to call "instant karma," a taxi cab that had been carjacked crashed after just a few blocks in downtown Minneapolis on Saturday night.

On a night chalked full of Fourth of July explosions, there was one loud bang that caught everyone by surprise.

"It was metal on metal,” Pedicab driver and witness Garett Greeman said.  “You could hear the crunch.”

According to witnesses, the driver and its two passengers were threatened and forced out of the car at Hennepin Avenue and 2nd Street.

The suspect then took the Blue & White taxi on a brief joy ride that only lasted a few seconds when he crashed it into a fence -- bystanders then dished a little Fourth of July street justice.

"It became a citizen’s arrest,” Greeman said.  “One of the guys ended up punching the guy in the face.”

Witnesses said they called Minneapolis police and the man was taken into custody.

Investigators have yet to release the suspect’s name or possible motivation. The driver and customers in the car were not hurt.  In fact, Greeman ended up giving them a ride home.