Students walk out of school in anti-Trump and Dakota Access Pipeline protest

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As part of a series of protests against the election of Donald Trump, students from South High School in Minneapolis walked out of school and marched in the streets. Students from Washburn High School, Southwest High School were also among those who participated in the demonstration.

“This is our chance that we really have to express ourselves and what we believe in and how we feel because we unfortunately can't do that on the ballot,” said Collin Robinson, a Southwest High School student.

Students also protested against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline that would travel under the Missouri River, which is a primary drinking water source for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

“So we decided we could find a good intersection in this, and be able to send a unified message that we do not like Trump, and we do not like the Dakota Access Pipeline being built,” said Robinson.

Students also they've dealt with taunting and racist graffiti in the wake of the election.

“Now that he's elected, now people are voicing it, and it's becoming more and more common. Before it was hidden, now it's on the surface and we know what's going on, we see it,” said Aja Sanders, A Cristo Rey Jesuit High School student.

The group walked to U.S. Bank Stadium, where they joined another group of protesters. Some stayed at the park outside the stadium, while others walked around the downtown area.

This is the third consecutive day of protests in the Twin Cities. On Wednesday night, hundreds gathered at the Capitol in St. Paul and on Thursday hundreds shut down I-94 at Riverside Ave in Minneapolis for about two hours.