St. Paul woman beaten, robbed just blocks from her home

A St. Paul woman who was severely beaten just three blocks from her home is speaking out to prevent someone else from getting hurt.

Through tears and pain, Sharon Walker described what happened to her nearly a week ago as she was taking a walk through her St. Paul neighborhood in the late evening.

“I had never seen them before, never talked to them, never said a word prior to being hit,” Walker said.

Walker was just three blocks from her home when she was attacked from behind near Sylvan and Atwater streets.

“I lost consciousness and I believe at that time I was choked and dragged on the ground,” Walker said.

She said the group of women tore her jewelry off and stole her phone. Walker recalled a woman telling her daughter to keep hitting and others just standing by.

“For people to just sit around and watch it happen or encourage it—I don’t know why anyone would encourage that,” she said.

The 39-year-old stumbled home and her husband called 911. She spent close to five days in the hospital with a severe concussion, memory and vision loss and other extensive injuries. She has lived in the neighborhood for a few years and never thought her life would be in danger just going for a walk around the block.

“I’m just worried. I’m on edge, and if they don’t get caught, I don’t know how many other people they would do this to,” said Walker.

The case is still under investigation by St. Paul police. So far, there have been no arrests.