St. Paul students use art to say thanks to members of the community

Students worked Wednesday to make "thank you" cards for members of the St. Paul community. (FOX 9)

St.Paul elementary school students are using art to express their gratitude. It’s part of a program called "Share the Love" and it's helping touch the lives of thousands of people in the community.

At Global Arts Plus in St. Paul, the group of elementary school students were carefully crafting messages of thanks.

"We really want the kids to be thankful for what other people do for them," said Mary Kasper of Global Arts Plus.

The art project is an annual event in the St. Paul Public School District.

"It’s really important for the community to know how grateful we are of them being here," said Kasper.

With an attitude of gratitude, colorful cards are addressed to everyone from the local firefighters to the coffee shop barista just up the road.

"I just find it very fun, I find it fun to do this and be here, thanking people," explained student Nicholas.

Wednesday, Nicholas was sharing the love with the lunchroom staff.

"I think that I’m going to thank them for just always being there for when students don’t pick up after themselves and making lunches for kids who can’t make them themselves," he added.

With careful attention to detail, no card is like the other. The one thing they do have in common: Each creation is bound to brighten someone's day.

"It really builds community in our space," said Kasper. "I know here, we really work hard on building community and positive community and keeping our community close and supporting each other."

Share the Love was launched as a pilot program in 2015. More than 3,000 students are expected to participate.