St. Paul man sentenced in frightening kidnapping in Minneapolis

A St. Paul man has been sentenced for a kidnapping at gunpoint in February in which he took his ex-girlfriend across state lines and held her for more than a day until police were able to intervene.

Derrick Fasig pled guilty in federal court over the summer in the kidnapping case that started in Minneapolis on February 10, 2022. On Wednesday, he was sentenced to 14 years in prison for the kidnapping.

Minneapolis police were called to a home on Webber Parkway on that day for the reported kidnapping. Prosecutors say Fasig started following and harassing his ex after she refused to stay with him after being released from treatment. On February 10, Fasig was accused of following the woman home from treatment and pounding on the door of her apartment building, ultimately smashing a window.

He later reportedly sent threatening text messages with photos of "her children's school, her mother's home, and a loaded gun magazine." Then, on that same day, police said Fasig drove back to his ex's apartment, and while carrying a rifle, entered through the broken window and went to her apartment.

Prosecutors say Fasig forced his ex to leave her apartment and get into his Chevy Tahoe at gunpoint. Threatening her with the rifle and a hammer, police said he drove her around for hours, going from Minnesota into Wisconsin, refusing to let her out of the vehicle and forcing her to throw her phone out the window of the SUV.

Fasig ultimately took the victim to his father's house in Wisconsin and barricaded her in a room.

The following day, Fasig forced the victim back into his Tahoe. Prosecutors say he realized he was being watched by police and took off from his father's house at a high rate of speed.

Investigators were ultimately able to stop and, after a foot chase, arrest Fasig and rescue the victim.

The abduction prompted alerts from both the Minneapolis Police Department and Minneapolis FBI.