Squad car hit during police chase in Mounds View, officer suffers minor injuries

 A police officer in Mounds View, Minnesota was injured when a suspect fleeing police during a chase Sunday night hit his squad car.

According to the Mounds View Police Department, the chase began around 6:22 p.m. when an officer attempted to stop a sedan with no license plates. Once the officer activated their lights and sirens, the driver sped away and tried to lose the officer in a residential area.

Officers ended the pursuit, but remained in the area to look for the suspect vehicle. Another officer spotted the suspect vehicle several minutes later, and the driver tried to flee again. The suspect hit a marked squad car at the intersection of Quincy Street and Oakwood Drive.

The suspect then fled on food and was eventually apprehended by a Mounds View Police Department K9 team.

The officer in the squad car that was hit and the suspect were both taken to Regions Hospital with possible injuries. Police said the officer was released from the hospital later that night with minor injuries.

The suspect is facing possible felony charges.