Not time to plant spring flowers in Minnesota just yet

After a long winter, many Minnesotans are eager to get outside and get their hands dirty in their gardens. But just because we've had a few nice days does not mean it's time to plant your flowers yet.

Plants are a little like people, explains Donna Atallian of Lynde Greenhouse and Nursery.  

"If you went to sit on the ground, and have a picnic, you would not be happy without a blanket underneath you. It's just too cold," said Atallian. 

The same is true for plants. The ground is still too cold for them to flourish right now.

"[Plants] are just going to sit there. They aren't going to do anything," said Atallian, who tells her customers to follow this rule of thumb to ensure happy flowers and plants.

"I always tell people to wait until the last snow is gone and then wait 10 days [to plant]," said Atallian.