SPPD confiscate drugs, guns and stolen keys from suspected criminal

The St. Paul Police Department announced Tuesday that it has taken eight guns from the home of what they describe as a dangerous criminal.

A search warrant executed on the 1500 block of Wilson Avenue East executed by the St. Paul Police Gun Unit and Criminal Intelligence Unit, was intended to recover evidence and locate Tamil Scurlock, 22, of St. Paul. 

Scurlock is a suspect in a drive-by shooting, multiple vehicle thefts, fleeing police and warrants for second-degree assault and possession of a firearm without a permit. 

During the execution of the warrant, Scurlock was located and arrested for the offenses and warrants 

During the search police also found a total of eight guns, including a total of five Glocks, as well as ammunition, marijuana and keys to rental cars stolen from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport.

St. Paul police have confiscated 361 guns so far this year, surpassing last year’s total of 660 already.