Spacecraft to send Apple Valley artist's painting to the moon

JuliAnne Jonker will have her painting "Vision at Ghost Ranch" sent to the moon via spacecraft.

Two space flights will blast off later this year with some special cargo on board. The spacecrafts will carry works of art from around the world to the moon. For the first time ever, this collection will include artwork by women.

JuliAnne Jonker has a passion for painting. Her talent has landed her work in galleries around the globe. Now, it’s landing one of her paintings – on the moon.

"People are making jokes about it, like, 'I knew you were intergalactic,' and, 'you’re out of this world,'" said Jonker.

The Apple Valley-based artist learned of the honor last month. Her painting "Vision at Ghost Ranch" was part of a Chicago-based exhibit that will be heading to the moon. 1,500 other pieces of art from around the world will be joining hers.

"This all started out when I realized it possible for civilians to send a package to the moon," said Dr. Samuel Peralta of the Lunar Codex.

Dr. Peralta is a Toronto-based author, physicist and entrepreneur who started gathering the artwork and writings to put into a sort of digital time capsule that will be sent up on two separate commercial lunar landings set for later this year.

"What it means is that you’ve reserved a little space, something like this [SD card holder] on a lunar lander," he said.

The hope is that the artwork of today, will be remembered beyond our earthly soil.

"We’re going through some difficult times, but no matter what through war and pandemics and economic difficulties the human race still finds time to make art," said Dr. Peralta.

The exhibit also gives the artists a new joy in sharing their gifts.

"I thought it’s going to be really cool every time I look at the moon from now on, I’m going to be thinking of that – there she is, she’s up there," said Jonker.