Shark thief confesses to police where horn shark is being kept

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Courtesy: San Antonio Aquarium

According to the San Antonio Aquarium, a horn shark was on its way back to the aquarium Monday night. 

A spokesperson with the aquarium confirmed one of the thieves confessed to police where the shark was being kept. The suspect told police the shark was being kept in a 900 gallon tank. 

This comes after a group of three stole a horn shark from the aquarium on Saturday, Leon Valley police told KSAT

Police said the trio stole the horn shark from an area where visitors are allowed to pet different species. The chief of police told KSAT that one of the men in the group grabbed the shark by its tail and the other two wrapped it in a wet blanket, placed it in a bucket and put it in a stroller. 

Police believe the trio had some knowledge of aquariums and most likely went there specifically for the horn shark.