Sex offender seeking release three years after petition caused political firestorm

Thomas Duvall, a convicted sex offender, caused a political firestorm three years ago when he fought to be released from prison. Now, he’s still trying to get out.

Back in 2014, Duvall petitioned to be released, but just before his hearing was set to begin, loud concerns were raised, and the case became highly political. Then, Duvall withdrew his petition.

Duvall, now 61, served prison time for violent rapes of teenage girls. He was civilly committed at the time.

He is currently serving time in St. Peter, Minnesota.

Tuesday marked day four of the hearing in which a panel of three judges will decide Duvall’s fate.

On the stand today, two women who’ve both treated Duvall as therapists said he took his treatment seriously. They believe he could do well in the community.

Though the therapists were called by Duvall’s attorney, they were also questioned by the State’s Attorney who asked about Duvall’s sexuality journal and where the fantasies he wrote about were healthy, unhealthy or criminal.

They were also asked about a polygraph test Duvall took a month ago and failed when he was asked about violent sexual fantasies.

Duvall is expected on the stand as early as Wednesday afternoon, with the hearing going through Friday.