Sentencing for former Minneapolis police officer delayed after plea deal hits 'snag'

The sentencing of former Minneapolis Police Department officer Justin Stetson, scheduled for Wednesday, has been taken off the court calendar.

A new hearing has now been scheduled for Sept. 18 at 1:30 p.m. Officials have not yet explained the delay, but sources tell FOX 9's Paul Blume there is a "snag" in the plea agreement that needs to be resolved.

Stetson previously admitted to violently assaulting Jaleel Stallings in May 2020 during the unrest following George Floyd's death after Stallings mistakenly fired shots at officers.

Under the plea agreement, Stetson has sent a letter of apology to Stallings and has agreed to give up any future career in law enforcement in exchange for avoiding prison time. Stallings was with a group of people in a parking lot off Lake Street after curfew on May 30, 2020, when officers in an unmarked van fired less-lethal ammunition toward Stallings' group.

Stallings, who feared he was being shot at with live rounds, returned fired, not realizing the people in the van were cops. Stallings surrender and dropped his weapon after learning he had fired at officers. But body camera video showed Stetson roughing up Stallings while he was on the ground.

Stallings was initially charged with eight counts for firing at officers but he was ultimately acquitted by a jury. After body camera video of the incident was released, Stetson was charged and Stallings later sued the City of Minneapolis and received a $1.5 million settlement.

Stallings had publicly objected to the plea agreement.