Senator Klobuchar urges public to make blood plasma donations during pandemic

(FOX 9)

Senator Amy Klobuchar is highlighting the urgent need for plasma donations during the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this month, Klobuchar introduced the Plasma Donation Awareness Act that would require the secretary of Health and Human Services to create a public awareness campaign about the importance of plasma donation.

At a news conference on Sunday in Minneapolis, she also stressed the senate’s need to pass the HEROES Act, which includes a provision to encourage plasma donation, and provides $75 billion for testing and contact tracing.

Along with everyday needs for blood plasma, researchers are using blood plasma as a possible treatment to help COVID-19 patients as a vaccine is being developed.

While doctors look for a cure for COVID-19, Klobuchar is urging the public to take the return to normal with caution and continuing to obey basic social distancing principals like wearing masks.

"As we work for a vaccine that all of us want so badly, we have to keep safe," explained Klobuchar. "We know that there are some good developments on the vaccine front that are happening right now but we have to be patient. Being patient, as hard as it is, means we are going to save lives."

Senator Klobuchar's husband tested positive for coronavirus back in March. He recovered and donated his plasma towards the research into the COVID-19 treatment.