Selfless boy battling leukemia chooses to get gifts for others during shopping spree

This week, we were invited to tag along with the Rogers Police Department for their annual "Shop with a Cop" event.

Local businesses and people donate time and money to make the holidays brighter for kids in need. One of the children involved ended up giving more than he received.

For the event, a couple of dozen kids are each paired with a cop to shop for those they love.

One of the kids who was handpicked to be there is Jacen Hoyt, a 10-year-old boy who doesn't leave the house much. So he has a deep appreciation for the little things in life.

"Just being able to ride around on the cart," he said.

The last year has been tough for Jacen and his family, after his sudden leukemia diagnosis.

"Actually every day I just feel crummy. Every day it's just another day, more torture let's do this."

Jacen Hoyt (FOX 9)

That resilience is paying off.

"Lately I've been kicking its butt."

So for a couple of hours, Rogers Police Chief Dan Wills and his crew are helping Jacen leaves his world of hospitals and treatments behind and focus on the two things he loves the most - his family and giving to others.

He knows exactly what to get. His spirit of generosity, just a part of who he is.

"It feels great to give away," he explained. "We actually have this foundation called the Jason Strong Foundation, where we collect donations, and then we send it to my hospital and stuff."

And there's even a gift in this experience for Chief Wills.

"With any profession, you kind of get into the daily grind of things," said the chief. "And especially of late, it's not an easy job being in law enforcement. But tonight reminds us why we got into this job and refreshes us. It's nice to see the kids enjoying themselves, being kids, forgetting about their burdens and their troubles for one night."

When the shopping is done the community of Rogers comes together to wrap all this goodwill. Putting a bow on a night Jacen won't soon forget.

"I know that this stuff will make them happy and I like seeing happy faces."