Seeing worsening forecast, Minnesotans pay their Memorial Day respects a day early

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While many people took heed of the forecast and decided to pay their respects early, others say no amount of rain will keep them from coming out to honor our nation’s heroes tomorrow at Ft. Snelling.

“These are battlefield crosses, so when a service member loses their life, they will put up a battlefield cross,” said Steve Guider, the nephew of a fallen veteran.

Guider celebrated Memorial Day a day early at his Blaine home Sunday.

“We have six of them. One for the five major branches: Army, Marine, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. And then the one on the end is for the National Guard,” he said, pointing to the decorated crosses in his yard.

Guider paid tribute to those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom.

“Seeing the forecast for tomorrow, I figured I would set it up today so we can get it out there,” he said.

The display is too precious to be left under the forecasted chance of rain on Memorial Day.

“Today is my dad’s one-year anniversary that he passed away and we’re just here honoring him along with the other soldiers here,” said Barb Soberski, who was with her husband Rich Sunday to pay their respects before the holiday.

“Taking our chances and came today and if the weather is good enough, we’ll come tomorrow,” Rich Soberski said.

The planned ceremonies at the cemetery and at historic Fort Snelling are slated to go on and adapt as necessary Monday.