Search warrant: Delta pilot arrested at MSP registered a .065 BAC

A search warrant is shedding some new light on the arrest of a Delta pilot accused of climbing into the cockpit in Minneapolis after drinking.

The warrant reveals his blood-alcohol level was at .065 when he was taken into custody. According to the warrant, it all started when detectives noticed a pilot asking if he had to go through a random screening at a crew member entrance.

When he was told yes, he walked away, and surveillance video showed him entering the men's bathroom where detectives found an unopened bottle of vodka in the trash.

The pilot eventually returned to screening and passed through security, allowing him to board the plane.

Based on their suspicions, detectives boarded the plane and questioned the pilot who said he had not had a drink since Saturday. According to the search warrant, they say they could smell alcohol on his breath.

The pilot agreed to a breath test and was immediately arrested.

Minnesota law prohibits any person from operating an aircraft when under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. However, the pilot has not yet been charged as authorities await official toxicology reports.

Tuesday, FOX 9 learned the pilot arrested was set to fly from MSP to San Diego on Delta Flight 1728. In a statement, Delta said: "Delta’s alcohol policy is among the strictest in the industry and we have no tolerance for violation. Delta is cooperating with local authorities in their investigation."