Yelloh! Schwan’s Home Delivery announces name change

A rendering of the new branded Yellow! trucks

Your favorite frozen pizzas and desserts will soon be delivered to your door by a truck with a different name on it.

After 70 years Schwan’s Home Delivery is telling its customers to "say hello to Yelloh!" – the name it will now be branded under from 2022 forward. 

According to an announcement the new name and brand "captures the company’s optimistic spirit and unabashed enjoyment of delivering delicious frozen food."

"Schwan’s Home Delivery was started in 1952 as a new business model for selling my family dairy’s ice cream," Paul Schwan, executive chairman of Yelloh said in a statement. "As Yelloh we will continue to operate as the same solutions-focused food delivery service that keeps our customers’ freezers stocked and their families happily fed." 

The transition to Yelloh begins immediately and is expected to be fully implemented by the beginning of 2023. 

Current Schwan’s Home Delivery operations will proceed uninterrupted during the transition.