Savanah Soto update: 2 suspects arrested in connection with double homicide

The San Antonio Police Department has announced two arrests in connection with the death of Savanah Soto and her boyfriend, Matthew Guerra. 

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According to police, 19-year-old Christopher Preciado has been charged with capital murder for the deaths of Savanah and Matthew. Christopher's father, 53-year-old Ramon Preciado has been charged with abuse of a corpse for helping Christopher move the bodies after they were killed. 

As you may recall, authorities were looking for two persons of interest in connection with the case last week after Savanah and Matthew were found in a vehicle in the 5900 block of Danny Kaye. 

Authorities said as detectives got to the location and started collecting evidence, one of the key pieces of evidence they found was Savanah's cell phone. The technology team with the department, along with the help of the United States Secret Service, were able to get enough information and that information was provided to detectives on Wednesday. 

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With the information provided, authorities said, they were able to find a possible location of where the suspect vehicle might be that was seen on the surveillance video camera footage released last week. 

Authorities went to the location and they did locate the vehicle. After some surveillance on the video, they were able to determine which house the vehicle belonged to. 

Officers then went and knocked on the door and the father, Ramon Preciado, answered the door. Authorities said he knew why the police were there and was cooperating fully with the investigation. 

Both suspects were brought in for questioning. Detectives said they had enough information to get a warrant signed by a judge to charge the two suspects on Wednesday night. 


Savanah Soto

Authorities did say that additional charges are pending, and these two suspects are the only suspects being sought in connection with the case. 

Police added they believe the shooting occurred due to a narcotics-related deal that went badly. 

Last week, the Bexar County Medical Examiner's office said Savanah died from a gunshot wound to the head and her death was a homicide, and Matthew's death was a contact wound to the head.