Savage police squad car struck by suspected impaired driver

Photo Courtesy: Savage Police Department

An officer with the Savage Police Department was injured after a vehicle hit his squad car while he was assisting a driver on Highway 13, according to police.

Monday around 11:51 p.m., Officer Alex Casey responded to help a driver attempting to jump start a vehicle on Highway 13 and Dakota Avenue. When Officer Casey arrived, he placed his squad car at the rear of the stalled vehicle, which is standard protocol in order to protect the driver. 

While Officer Casey was inside his parked squad car, a vehicle headed eastbound on Highway 13 hit the left rear side of his car. Officer Casey was able to steer his squad car away from the stalled vehicle.

Minnesota State Patrol arrested the driver, who hit the squad car, on suspicion of driving while impaired and criminal vehicular operation.

Emergency crews took Officer Casey to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

In light of the incident, officials are reminding drivers to move over and follow the Ted Foss Move-Over Law in order to give more protection to stopped emergency vehicles stopped on the roads with their lights flashing.