Robbinsdale fatal crash results in criminal vehicular homicide charges

Several charges have been filed against a speeding driver fleeing an attempted traffic stop in a Robbinsdale crash Saturday night that killed a woman and severely injured a man.

Quintin Leon Hudson, 20, has been charged with one count of criminal vehicular homicide, one count of criminal vehicular operation and two counts of fleeing a police officer creating great bodily harm and death.

Charges have been filed against a speeding driver following a crash in Robbinsdale that killed one woman and severely injured another man after driving off from an attempted traffic stop.

According to charges, on July 8, a Robbinsdale police officer passed a white Tesla driving 55 mph in a 30-mph zone on 42nd Avenue North near Highway 100.

Police say the officer noticed a man wearing a facemask who quickly made several turns to lose the officer and then took off as they attempted to make a traffic stop.

Hudson then turned southbound on Railroad Avenue North and continued at a "high rate of speed" towards the intersection at 42nd Avenue North, failing to stop at a stop sign, charges said.

Police say he turned into an alley on the 4000 block between Orchard and Perry avenues, forcing him to slow, as the officer proceeded toward where the alley ended on 40th Avenue North in hopes of blocking the Tesla's exit and conducting the stop.

The Tesla driver then made a quick turn south on Orchard Avenue North and accelerated as the officer pursued Hudson for 17 seconds, south on Orchard Avenue North, with lights and sirens on. The officer turned off their emergency lights and siren to disengage as speeds approached an estimated speed of 70 to 90 mph before it struck a minivan, according to charges.

Crushed remnants of the vehicle involved in a fatal crash in Robbinsdale (FOX 9)

Crushed remnants of the vehicle involved in a fatal crash in Robbinsdale (FOX 9)

The driver of the minivan, 34-year-old Emily Gerding, was pronounced dead at North Memorial Health Hospital, while her husband John, who was the passenger, remains in critical condition.

The driver was identified as Hudson and removed from the vehicle, then placed under arrest. He did not have a valid driver's license – only an instructional permit – and was prohibited from driving the Tesla alone, according to charges.

When asked why he did not stop for police, Hudson responded, [he], "didn't want to," charges read.

Previously FOX 9's Paul Blume spoke with the family of Emily Gerding who said they do not blame police for initiating the chase, instead faulting the driver for fleeing.

A GoFundMe page has since been set up to benefit the family of Emily and John Gerding, and their kids.