Rescued bobcats at Wildcat Sanctuary get names: Copper and Archer

Two rescued bobcats taken in by the Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, Minnesota now have names, thanks to some great public suggestions. Meet Copper (left) and Archer (right).

“Copper was chosen for his coloring and the color of his right eye,” Wildcat Sanctuary director Tammy Thies said in a statement. “Archer was a perfect name for the other bobcat boy who's as fast as a moving arrow.”

Many suggested the name Phoenix for the bobcat who survived a barn fire in Iowa, but the sanctuary already has two other cats named Phoenix. Popeye, Winkey or Odin were suggested for the bobcat that came to the sanctuary with  an injury to his right eye, veterinarians were able to repair his eye issue during the intake exam.

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Each bobcat will undergo vaccinations and neutering in the coming week. Then, they’ll be introduced through several play dates in hopes they’ll find companionship with each other.

The Wildcat Sanctuary is not open to the public.