Rep. Keith Ellison returns to campaign trail, addressing domestic abuse allegations

Congressman Keith Ellison is back on the campaign trail and answering questions about the abuse allegations against him.

Earlier this month, Ellison’s former girlfriend accused him of mental and physical abuse while they had a relationship.

Ellison, who denies the allegations, met with reporters Friday and said he's not dropping out of the race.

For now, the Governor and party Chairman Ken Martin both say they support Ellison, but they have lots of questions.

Despite the allegations coming out days before the primary, Ellison overwhelmingly won the DFL spot.

And on Friday, he said the voters trust in him is well-placed.

"I did not do those things that are alleged,” Ellison added.

His former girlfriend Karen Monahan recently accused Ellison of abuse, alleging she had a video recording to prove it. She has since decided not to reveal the video.

Ellison insists no such video exists and answered repeated questions on Friday.

“She cannot have any video of me abusing her,” he said. “That is not possible.”

When asked why she is making the allegation, he said, “I’ve thought about that a million times and I’ve come up with nothing.”  

Another question asked of him Friday was if he and Monahan broke up amicably.

“Obviously, we had our differences, but we spoke many, many times after we broke up.  And, in fact, in May she was stranded on the highway and needed gasoline and she called me up and I brought her gasoline.”

Ellison was also asked if he’d drop out of the race, to which he responded, "No, because I didn’t do it."

“My message to [voters that voted for me] is that their trust in me was well-placed,” he said. “And not only did I not do this, I will continue to be an advocate for safe homes for all people, especially women.”

“We believe in you,” said Anonietta Giovanni, an Ellison supporter. “We have seen you all those years.”

Giovanni is among many of his supporters that don’t trust the allegations.

“I am just a simple person with a God-given brain,” said Giovanni. “But it’s not making sense for me right now.” 

“We’re going to just keep on working,” said Ellison. “Talking to people, insuring them.  That’s what we’re going to do.”

Congressman Ellison has even do even more convincing when the DFL Central Committee meets in Cambridge to consider whether to endorse him.

The party endorsed Matt Pelikan who Ellison defeated Tuesday in the primary.

Ellison said he trusts that party delegates will endorse him, but understands it will be a hard decision for them.