Rep. Angie Craig stops by Burnsville brewery, urges for support for small businesses

Angie Craig speaks with owners of Ineffable Brewing in Burnsville, Minn.

As a new COVID-19 pause in Minnesota further complicates an already difficult year for business, elected officials are urging support for small businesses.

On Small Business Saturday, a day on which shoppers are encouraged to patronize small businesses for holiday shopping, Minnesota Congresswoman Angie Craig visited Ineffable Brewing in Burnsville -- which recently opened its doors in the midst of the pandemic.

The pandemic has been particularly rough for breweries, bars, and restaurants, which have been forced to close for indoor service until December 18.

While picking up a growler at Ineffable Brewing, Rep. Craig pushed for lawmakers to pass more support for small businesses and, in particular, restaurants and venues.

"We've got these Main Street businesses that have been in business a long time and they're struggling to survive, and we folks popping up new businesses in the middle of a public health crisis," explained Rep. Craig. "The story is really the same, no matter what... They need our help, they need our support. They need us, the federal government, the Democrats, the Republicans, to work together in this lame-duck session to get another COVID relief bill passed."

Before lawmakers broke session for the holiday, Rep. Craig spoke on the House floor, calling on lawmakers to support bills for business relief. Rep. Craig says she has co-sponsored two pieces of legislation -- the RESTAURANTS ACT and the Save Our Stages Act -- that would bring allow for additional help during the pandemic for venues and restaurants.