Remdesivir effective against COVID-19, University of Minnesota study says

A new study published by the University of Minnesota shows remdisivir is effective at combatting COVID-19. (PLOS Pathogens via University of Minnesota Medical School)

University of Minnesota Medical School researchers say a new study shows remdesivir’s effectiveness in combatting COVID-19 infections.

In a release, the school said it made four major discoveries about COVID-19 in its latest study, the most noteworthy of which was about remdesivir, an FDA-approved antiviral drug.

Dr. Ryan Langlois, the senior author of the study, said it examined the way individual cells reacted to COVID-19 and responded to remdesivir.

The study found remdesivir is "effective in blocking virus replication in all cell types in the upper respiratory tract," the release says.

The study was published in the PLOS Pathogens journal and was funded by the medical school and the National Institute of Health.