Recycling truck gets stuck in 'void' in St. Paul

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A truck got stuck in a sinkhole Monday afternoon in St. Paul. Photo Courtesy: Terry North

A Eureka Recycling truck completing its route down an alley in St. Paul got stuck in a "void" in the road, according to St. Paul Public Works.

The truck was driving in an alley near Fairview Avenue North and Portland Avenue Monday afternoon when the pavement collapsed underneath the rear tires along the rear driver's side, according to Lynn Hoffman of Eureka Recycling. Mechanics will determine the amount of damage to the truck.

Hoffman says she wasn't sure of any other times a Eureka truck had gotten stuck in a sinkhole.

Voids in the road are likely caused by water running under the surface, which causes the road to fail.

Crews have blocked off the area with cones and signs. Biala says they will assess the alley before completing repairs.