Recent heat wave leaves fish dead in Minnesota lakes

Fish die-offs have been reported after Minnesota's recent heat wave. (Minnesota DNR)

As temperatures cool down from a recent 90-degree streak, the Minnesota DNR found that fish fell victim to the heat. 

Fish kill, also known as fish die-off, is the die-off of localized fish or other aquatic life. This year, the intense heat is likely contributing to the die-offs. 

In a release from the Minnesota DNR, limnology consultant Tom Burri said that while die-offs are normal this time of year, Minnesota has seen extensive fish casualties in its lakes. 

"Spring and summer fish die-offs happen occasionally, but we are getting widespread reports of dead fish following the recent prolonged stretch of hot weather," Burri said. 

Burri asks those who come across die-off hot spots to report them immediately. From there, experts can determine if an investigation is necessary. 

"People tend to be concerned when they see dead fish," Burri said. "They can help by reporting what they see right away." 

You can call the state duty officer at 651-649-5451 if you find a large group of dead fish.