Rapidan Dam update: Officials concerned about bridge as erosion worsens

Officials say they are now concerned about a nearby bridge after erosion has worsened near Rapidan Dam following a partial failure this week.

Blue Earth County leaders say there has been a "dramatic" shift overnight into Wednesday morning that has seen the river cut deeper into the west bank of the river.

As a result, a neighboring house that was teetering on the edge of the bank has now fallen in entirely. Officials say there is now concern about the Glacier Road Bridge, which runs over the Blue Earth River just south of the dam.

"There is currently little to no flow through the gates of the dam as the majority of the flow is going around the west side of the dam," officials write. "Although the water flow has slowed slightly, the water is still flowing at a rate that inhibits emergency mitigation strategies. The focus has shifted from the dam to the bridge given the recent erosion."

Aerial video on Wednesday morning shows a larger gap between the dam and land on the west side.

County officials say they are continuing to monitor the situation with help from state and federal partners.

Photos: Erosion on Monday vs. Wednesday

The photos below show the increase in erosion over the past two days at the Rapidan Dam. The first photo was captured shortly before noon on Monday. The second photo was recorded on Wednesday morning.

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The state of the Rapidan Dam erosion on Monday, June 24.

From: FOX 9