Purple pilgrimage already underway to commemorate one-year anniversary of Prince's death

The purple pilgrimage is shuttling people to Paisley Park by the bus load from across the United States and  close to 30 countries around the world.

“Just a big musical pilgrimage here, to be honest,” said Kam Sandhu, who brought his 10-year-old daughter from England. Like many fans they are soaking in all the favorite sights and sounds of the place Prince developed into a musical legend.

“Prince meant a lot to me in my life, taught me a lot. I'm feeling emotional,” said Sandhu. “When he passed away it was quite a big deal to me.”

“I'm really excited. It's really interesting to see to see where he lives. and what's it's like really,” said Simran Sandhu, who was surprised by her dad with the father-daughter trip.
Kicking off the four-day celebration inside Paisley Park, with general admission and VIP ticket holders paying between $550 and $1,000 dollars, fans listened to a panel discussion with New Power Generation, focusing on their years touring with Prince.

“It was intimate, felt like you were part of family. It's really special,” Kathinka Groenink from the Netherlands said. “First time in America and first time here, and we didn't know what to expect.”

Through the weekend  these roughly 2000 ticket holders will return day after day looking forward to the lineup  of musicians sharing memories, tours, performances, surprises and everything Prince.

“If we cry all the way through the first day and second day we hope at least for one day we'll be able to stay calm,” says Emma Fairfield from Manchester, England.

Many fans from out of state are also taking in other events for the first anniversary of Prince’s death. The Dakota Jazz Club has special performers all week, plus First Avenue is hosting events through the weekend.  At last check tickets to Friday and Saturday night overnight dance parties are nearly sold out. Passes for a street party and kids dance party are already out.

Some fans visiting the Twin Cities for the first time say by being here they better understand why Prince was proud to call Minnesota home.

“We'll definitely come back to Minnesota,” said Sandhu. “We love it here.”