Prosecution wants to keep files on George Floyd’s 2019 arrest sealed

Prosecutors in the George Floyd case are pushing to restrict public access to new filings in the case for two business days before they can be released. It's a move which would include a recent defense filing about Floyd's arrest in 2019, just over a year before his deadly encounter with police.

According to the prosecution's motion, during the temporary restriction, the defense or prosecutors could oppose the item from becoming public and arguments could be held on its public disclosure. Prosecutors argue this is to "prevent confidential, inadmissible, or prejudicial information from improperly being made public".

A media coalition, which includes FOX 9, opposes the motion because it would interfere with the public's right to access court proceedings.

Monday, former Minneapolis police officer Thomas Lane's attorney Earl Gray filed a memo to support a motion to admit Floyd's arrest from May 2019 as evidence. Gray argues Floyd's behavior in the 2019 incident "is almost an exact replica" to his arrest in 2020, showing the state has a "false narrative" that he was a "law abiding citizen that was afraid for his life." 

Gray's filing is not yet public online, but FOX 9 received access to the document because it is party in a case over which documents in the Floyd case will be made public. 

There will be a hearing Thursday at 12:30 p.m. for arguments on the prosecution's motion.