Prince's star at First Ave draws fans honoring his life

First Avenue, the nightclub that made Prince famous, continues to honor the Minnesota rock legend one year after his shocking death.

Dan Corrigan has been giving tours at First Ave for years, but with so many requests this week; they had to hire additional guides.

Fans have been flocking to the club to take a picture next to his star on the wall.

“It's turned into a sort of religious sight out there,” said Corrigan. “After he died someone surreptitiously applied gold leaf to his star. Over the year, the number of people touching his star has worn that gilding away.”

About a month ago, First Ave gave Prince’s golden star a fresh coat of paint, anticipating large crowds on the anniversary.

First Ave is hosting a dance party Friday night at 9 p.m. One year ago, the club hosted a late night dance party to honor Prince’s legacy.