Prince's ashes displayed in Paisley Park-shaped urn

As Paisley Park enters its second week of temporary tours, one feature is getting plenty of attention from fans.

“It just got silent,” said Prince fan Chris Skluzacek on the moment her group realized Prince’s ashes were in the room. “Some people had tears in their eyes. It was very moving. We weren’t expecting that.”

The ashes are displayed in an ornate, custom-designed urn, made in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

“Tyka wanted something that would express her brother whom she loved dearly,” said Grant Dawson of Foreverence.

Along with Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, and her son, President, the urn—which is a replica of Prince’s Paisley Park compound—was designed by custom, 3-D printed urn company Foreverence.

“She wanted fans to feel his presence,” said Foreverence Chief Operations Officer Patty Saari on Tyka’s decision to have the ashes displayed in Paisley Park. “They wanted the piece to be something that folks could use as their opportunity to share their loss and their grief.”

The Paisley Park replica opens up to show Prince’s purple piano, his symbol on the tile floor, and white doves along the back wall.

“Some people have had a negative reaction to it because it’s emotional to see, and others have found it very meaningful. I think it gives people a chance to grieve in their own way and to have that personal experience that not many people get to have with an artist of that magnitude,” said Dawson.