President Trump supporters hold rally at Liberty Plaza

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President Donald Trump supporters are pushing back following weeks of protests and town halls. On Monday, dozens converged on Liberty Plaza to show their support for their president.

Janice Haddon was among the crowd.  She, along with friends, were dressed in red with Mickey Mouse hands that read, "Go Trump."

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"I know there's other people, other groups who don't support him, that's what makes our country great is that you have a right to your opinion," said Haddon. "Bottom line he is everybody's President and I think he's going to do a great job."

Haddon also had a sign that read, "Snow Flakes," which is a message to the media. "The media doesn't always tell the truth about Trump. They don't give him a fair chance. They haven't given him a chance and they pound away every day, and he keeps bouncing back," said Hammon.

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Dozens of people showed up to show their support. Jose Perez, an American born in Cuba, took to the stage to talk about why he supports President Trump.

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"I was one of the people from the get go that supported Trump. And when you think about it, what made me go in that way? There were three things.  There were three things that drove me. There were jobs, the second jobs, and the third jobs," said Perez.

One speaker commented on the diversity of the rally, saying "who says Latino's don't vote for Trump."

The rally is the first of many scheduled across the country. The events are called, "Spirit of America," and anyone is invited to attend.

The next rally is scheduled to take place outside of the CNN Center. 

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