President Trump meets with Duluth mining industry leaders at policy roundtable

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Before heading to a rally at AMSOIL Arena, President Donald Trump made stop in Duluth at a policy roundtable held at a port terminal building, billed as “Putting America First.”

The focus at the event was on mining and trade and helping northern Minnesota survive and flourish.

“We have the worst trade deals in the history of the world,” said President Trump. “We gave away our country. But we are taking it back for our workers, our jobs and our money and for our taxes. It’s incredible.” 

The President touted his tariffs on imported steel as well as his administration’s deregulation efforts in helping the mining industry rebound on the Iron Range.

He was joined on stage by mineworkers, industry leaders and a couple GOP members of Minnesota’s congressional delegation.

“We have some of the cleanest water, lakes, streams and rivers in the USA and we’ve been mining here for 100 years,” said St. Louis County Commissioner Keith Nelson. “So Mr. President when you get back inside that Beltway out there. Stay on top of those regulations. Get them off our backs even more and I promise you this Iron Range will make this country proud.”

Mining industry leaders in the Northland told the President his policies are putting people back to work after years of economic struggle.

"He wants to see us thrive,” said Eveleth Mayor Robert Vlaisavljevich. “He wants to help us get over our problems we've had with the economic upheaval through the years. His tariffs and trade ideals are going to stabilize that for us. He is a proactive president and not a procrastinator. He makes a decision and gets things done for us."