Police: Woman, 19, sexually assaulted on way home from Halloween party in Winona, Minnesota

A 19-year-old woman reported to police two men sexually assaulted her while she was walking home from a Halloween party in Winona, Minnesota early Sunday morning.

According to the Winona Police Department, the victim told police she had attended a Halloween party in the area of 9th Street and Lafayette Street the night of the alleged sexual assault. She said she left the party shortly after midnight to walk to a house nearby. 

The victim said a dark colored, four-door car stopped behind her as she walking and two men got out. The men pushed her down and then pulled her into the backseat of the vehicle where there were two other men in the front seat. 

The two men in the backseat reportedly groped the victim and touched her inappropriately over her clothing. 

The victim told police the car drove about a block before she jumped out the rear window and ran to a friend’s house. She reported the sexual assault to police around 1 p.m. Sunday. 

The victim described one of the men as having white face paint with fake blood. 

The Winona Police Department is asking anyone with information about the incident to call the department at 507-457-6302.