Police: Runner attacked by man on trail in St. Louis Park, Minn.

Police are searching for the suspect responsible for an attack on a trail in St. Louis Park, Minnesota on Wednesday.

According to officers, a runner told police that they were asked for money by a man standing near the Cedar Lake Regional Trail. When they returned, around 7:45 p.m., running the opposite direction, the man made a threat to them and showed what appeared to be a gun. The victim was punched multiple times before they were able to run away.

In the attack, the victim lost their cell phone but it was later recovered by police. No other similar incidents have been reported at this time. The suspect is described as a tall, thin man in his 20s to 30s with curly, shoulder-length hair. Police say he was wearing a knit winter hat.

Police say the investigation is ongoing and ask anyone with information to call 952-924-2600.