Police reunite aging, deaf dog with owner after theft in Minneapolis

Owner Brandon Kaczor cradles his dog Tana who made it back home Wednesday after being stolen. (FOX 9)

A 15-year-old dog that was recently stolen is back home Wednesday after an arrest and some diligent work by a Minneapolis police officer.

The little Yorkie-Schnauzer mix named Tana, who is aging and also deaf, was found as police investigated a stolen vehicle in the city.

"In the car, they found a fifteen-year-old dog who was cowering in the back seat," said Minneapolis police spokesperson John Elder.

Tana was in the front yard on Sunday in northeast Minneapolis when suddenly she was just gone. Police say the dog was stolen.

"I’m like in a state of depression, shock whatever you want to call it," said Tana's owner Brandon Kaczor.

Then, very early Thursday morning Officer Paulson spotted a stolen car and was able to identify the suspect right away inside the gas station. But inside that stolen car was little Tana.

"The officers didn’t want to put an elderly dog just into the pound," said Elder.

Paulson and the other officers scanned Facebook and other lost and missing dog sites until they found a post that matched. A short time later, Tana was reunited with Brandon.

"Speechless," said Kaczor, when he finally got Tana back. "Something I couldn’t believe would happen."

Kaczor calls Tana a "bring around" dog, meaning he brings her everywhere. Thanks to Officer Paulson, those adventures will continue.

"When you’re able to get the animal back safe and sound that’s huge," said Elder.

"Officers don’t get the credit for doing things like this," added Kaczor. "That officer created the happiest moment of my life and I can’t thank her enough."

The owner of the stolen car and the owner of the dog are not connected in any way. Police say they didn't get much information from the alleged car thief about the dog other than he found her.