Police investigating possible naked groper at Lake Harriet

For some, taking a walk around Lake Harriet is a summertime ritual. But some of the recent activity near the lake is cause for concern.

Minneapolis Park Police are investigating a pair of gropings near the popular hangout.

On July 12, a woman riding her bike around the lake around 1 a.m. was jumped by a man she believes was naked, but she was able to bite him and run off.

On July 16, a man wearing a skin tight leotard reportedly groped two women as they walked around the lake around midnight.

Those incidents and others prompted Minneapolis Police to issue a warning about a man exposing himself and groping women in south Minneapolis last week.

A user on the Next Door app, created a map showing about a dozen cases possibly involving the naked suspect since early June, stretching from Lake Harriet to Lake Nokomis, but not all may have been reported to police.

Minneapolis Police are reminding people to always be aware of their surroundings and if you encounter this individual, report it to police.