Police investigating over 20 car break-ins in St. Paul

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The St. Paul Police Department have received more than 20 reports from people whose car windows were smashed this week. 

Many of people that had damaged vehicles also reported stolen items. 

The majority of the calls came from the Western District. Police responded to reports near 600 Central Ave. W. where at least four vehicles were broken into. Two more cars had windows smashed near 554 Central Ave. W. and six cars were broken into at 377 Kent St. Other reports were called in near O’Gara’s on Snelling Avenue and at the intersection of Kent St. and St. Anthony Avenue. 

Police are reminding people not to keep valuables in their vehicles, to always keep car doors locked and to park in well-lit areas. 

St. Paul Police are asking for the public’s help. If you know who has been smashing windows and stealing from cars, call the St. Paul Police Department at 651-291-1111. If you see a thief in action, call 911.