Police, fire rescue cat that fell into cinder block in Bloomington, Minnesota home

A cat fell into a cinder block at a home in Bloomington, Minnesota Wednesday. (Bloomington Police Department / FOX 9)

Authorities in Bloomington, Minnesota helped rescue a cat Wednesday that had fallen into a cinder block. 

Bloomington Police and Fire rescued a cat that was trapped in a cinder block. (Bloomington Police Department / FOX 9)

The Bloomington Police Department shared photos of the rescue, which show the cat, Ethica, had climbed into a hole in what appears to be a basement wall and fell down into the cinder blocks. 

Bloomington Police and Fire reunited the cat, Ethica, with her family, who had recently adopted her. (Bloomington Police Department / FOX 9)

Police said the rescue “wasn’t easy,” but they were able to get Ethica out and reunite her with her family, who had recently adopted her.