Plymouth's new 'Brew Park' to offer indoor dog park, coffee and wine bar

Pups Eddie and Bo will very likely be regulars at their owners new project called Brew Park Plymouth.

Veterinarian Angie Woodward says by summer transformation of the 22,000 sq. ft. space will be complete.

Roughly 4,000 sq. ft. of the space will be a dedicated turf-covered indoor dog park in full view of a space for humans to get coffee, food, beer and wine. Woodward envisions catering to pet owners ranging from those working from home to those enjoying happy hour while dogs burn off energy. 

"That’s the goal, provide the outside, inside – never have to worry about it being too hot, too cold, raining, snowing – there will always be a place to play," Woodward told FOX 9. 

The rest of the space will be for a pet hospital, and a retreat complete with daycare, boarding and grooming.

Woodward came up with the idea as the number of pets her team cares for at Vet Partners doubled during the pandemic – from roughly 25 new patients per month grew to more than 50.

"We believe we are the only one in Minnesota or probably the country that is doing this – a one-stop shop pet experience," Woodward said.

While humans will be able to enter for free, the admission for dogs will also cover tracking devices allowing texts to go to the pets' owners, plus park rangers in charge of safety and the inevitable cleanup. 

"Our park rangers will be here to supervise messes. Our turf has microbead system that they usually do for outdoor areas – we are their first indoor project," Woodward said. "There will be a drainage system, so we will be able to clean with that and essential oils. Smell and sanitation will be one of our big goals."

Woodward already has a private corporate event reserving the entire space this fall, and is excited to see what other doggie demands the future will bring. 

"We thought everything to speed dating to wiener dog racing. The sky is the limit," Woodward said.

Brew Park Plymouth is scheduled to open in June. For more information click HERE.