Pivot! Deputies overcome hurdles to fit giant Christmas tree in lobby

A group of Colorado deputies were very determined to fit a Christmas tree in the office lobby, no matter how challenging it was. 

Larimer County deputies in Fort Collins, Colorado, shared video of the difficulty it took for them to fit a two-story-tall Christmas tree in their building’s reception area.

The video, taken on December 20, showed deputies hauling the tree. It made it through the entrance door fine, but they had trouble pivoting the tree to make their way to the lobby. After backtracking and angling for a few minutes, they were able to get the tree to its proper spot. 

The sheriff agreed to having a tree after caving into multiple requests from his staff.  Sheriff John Feyen said he initially resisted but 549 of the sheriff’s office’s 550 employees "conspired" to make it happen.

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"So I caved!" Feyen wrote on Facebook. "I gave them permission to bring in a Christmas tree. Now, before you go blasting this post with comments comparing me to the "Once-ler" (Dr. Seuss story, The Lorax), know this tree was slated to come down anyway due to wildfire mitigation. And I thought it would bring joy to the agency."

"Staff lined the lobby, the stairs, and the balcony watching their well-orchestrated efforts to bring the tree in, get it upright, and get it decorated. The smiles were AMAZING!," the sheriff added. 

Storyful contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.