Pinky Swear Triathlon runners raced over to Lake Nokomis Saturday to support a good cause

Saturday’s Pinky Swear Triathlon at Lake Nokomis had a turnout of 800 young athletes, running to raise awareness for children battling cancer.

The Pinky Swear Foundation was created to keep the memory of Mitch Chepokas, who passed away 12 years ago to cancer, alive. Becky and Steve Chepokas, Mitch’s parents, founded the Pinky Swear Foundation, to help provide assistance to families in need.

There are currently 11 triathlons like Pinky Swear Foundation. Many participants in these triathlons are supporters of the cause and some are even former cancer patients. 

Becky and Steve are not sure how much they raised on Saturday's event, but one of the participants raised $29,000 alone. 

You can find more information on the Pink Swear Foundation at