Photo of Ohio pizzeria's kind, welcoming sign goes viral

It was a kind gesture and a kind sign in the storefront of an Ohio pizzeria and a photo of it is now getting a lot of attention.

The sign on the front window says the Bada Bing! Pizzeria is closed for Thanksgiving. However, it says, "We will be having dinner here around 2pm with our family, employees, and friends. If you are hungry or don't have any money, please come in. We will welcome you and make sure you get plenty to eat." 

Jason Hague, the owner of the pizzeria, said they've never done anything like that before and certainly didn't expect the attention it has received from local media and after the photo was posted on Reddit.

Thousands of people have shared the photo since it was posted.

Hague says he is not sure what to expect on Thanksgiving Day. It could be a couple of people or it could be several hundred people. I guess we'll find out tomorrow," he said.