Phone scam posing as deputy seen throughout central MN: Authorities

Authorities in central Minnesota are warning people about giving out personal information on the phone to someone claiming to be from the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.

According to a press release, on Monday the Benton County Sheriff’s Office received several calls from people claiming to have been contacted by a person posing as a deputy from its department.

On each occasion, the person claimed to be Sergeant Brown, and asked questions seeking personal information like the person’s name, date of birth and email address. The caller initiated the conversation by claiming the other person had pending civil process papers to be served against them. 

However, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public that it does not employ a "Sergeant Brown," and anyone receiving a call from them should hang up and call its office at 320-968-7201.

Criminals will often pose as government officials, such as law enforcement, in an attempt to gain personal information that can lead to financial gain.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office says it will never ask for banking information or payments of any kind over the phone, and that people should never disclose personal information when they are contacted unexpectedly.