People in tiny town of Magnolia living in real life whodunit

Magnolia, Minn. is home to 222 people, as well as a cafe of the same name and a juvenile detention facility. But according to prosecutors in Pennsylvania, it may also be home to a killer.

"Curious to know who it is, I guess. I have no idea what it's about. Yeah, just curious," Magnolia resident Bryan Voetberg said.

Investigators in Indiana County, Pennsylvania say a 61-year-old man living in Magnolia was recently arrested for a 25-year-old murder mystery.

Prosecutors say the man fired two shots into a kitchen in White Township, Indiana, Pa.  in December of 1991, killing 76-year-old Myrtle McGill.

Investigators say her car was stolen, but nothing else. Her body wasn't discovered for days.

"It's just like who? I just can't imagine anyone that's in town here, back then even who would do that. It's just a big surprise," resident Carol Dohlmann said.

Dohlmann has lived in Magnolia for most of her life and knows just about everyone in town.

She says the idea that one of her neighbors could've kept such a big secret for so long is hard to fathom.

"Spooky because you don't know, oh my gosh, what else could they have done? If they did that one time, have they done it someplace else?" Dohlmann said.

Some say this tight-knit community isn't as close as it once was.

But the news has left everyone wondering if there was a killer living in their midst.

"I hope he gets what's coming to him. If he did it, let him pay for it. And I hope it doesn't reflect back on the town itself and they think it's not safe," Dohlmann said.

Both the mayor of Magnolia and the Rock County Sheriff say they have no idea who the killer could be.

That suspect has been charged with murder in Pennsylvania. Prosecutors say they will release more information including his name and details of the case on Friday.

FIRST REPORT: Minnesota man arrested for 1991 Pennsylvania murder