Parents call for neutral site for proposed Lakeville sports dome

If you live in Lakeville - you’re either north or you’re south. The division has never been 
clearer than it was in Tuesday’s school board meeting.

“We’re all for a dome, but at a neutral facility,” said Mark Dean, a Lakeville South assistant football coach. 

The topic at issue was a proposed sports dome and where it should be located.

“Of the 300 emails that we’ve received over the last five days, the primary focus of almost all the emails was neutral site, neutral site,” said Bob Erickson, a Lakeville school board member.

The dome would look similar to one in West St. Paul and would be a place where both high schools’ sports teams could practice inside during inclement weather. After plans moving forward showed the dome would be located directly behind Lakeville North High School, South parents sounded off.

“A dome at Lakeville North will be perceived as a Lakeville North dome,” said Dean.

Dean says putting the dome at North would give their rival a competitive advantage.

“That’s a very fast access that we won’t have,” he said.

While the board appeared divided on the issue, most agreed they needed to slow down and hear the community concern.

“I think the board is in agreement that we’ll do what’s best for the district and community as a whole,” said Zach Duckworth, a Lakeville school board member. “If they continue to voice their concern regarding the pace of the process, that of course we’ll listen to and take into consideration.”

“We’re getting there,” said Erickson. “We’re not all there, but we’re getting there.”